Raven Symone: My White Wife & I Don’t Listen To Rap Music – It’s ‘Too Ratchet’!!

Actress and talk show host Raven Symone claims that neither her, nor her new wife listen to rap music, because Raven and her wife believe it’s “too ratchet.”

The former Nickelodeon star made the stunning revelation during a Livestream, MTO News has learned. It came out when a fan asked Raven if her wife enjoyed Nicki Minaj’s music.

Raven started her answer, by speaking with an unusual accent. She said, “That is a bad assumption, Nicki Minaj is not something that we listen to.”

Then she went on saying that she and her wife are “creative thinkers” and that “sometimes when there is ratchet/abrasive music on – it tends to clutter our brains more.” She then named artists that they might listen to like “Elton John.”


These comments – equating rap music with “ratcheted” has many on social media upset. Her comments are currently in shambles and she’s trending on Twitter.


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