Ratchet Florida Couple Airs Dirty Laundry On TikTok: ‘I S**k D**k For Money & Ur GAY’!

A Florida couple went TikTok viral on Thanksgiving, after the two had a bitter fight on the social media platform – and decided to air each other’s secrets to the world.

It all started when the 21 year old female in the relationship, posted a pre-emptive video, where she admitted to engaging in prostitution. The woman went on TikTok and told her fans, “That’s right, I s**ked d**k for $1,000 because I needed to take care of you and my daughter.”

But then, after airing her dirty laundry, she began airing her boyfriend’s. And according the ratchet Florida blonde, her boyfriend is a closeted homosexual.

And Miss Ratchetry decided to provide receipts for her scandalous allegations against her baby’s father. She confronted her former bae, and appeared to get him to admit to “enjoying” being pegged by his girlfriend.


The drama between these two nearly shut down TikTok yesterday, with tens of millions of people tuning into the drama, while they ate their Turkey.

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