Rapper TI Denies Reports That He Was ‘Molested As A Child: ‘I Ain’t Never Been Molested!!


On Instagram, rapper T.I. went on a lengthy rant seemingly in response to an allegation that the rapper was molested as a child, MTO News has learned. TI and his wife are also facing allegations of drugging and molesting several women.

“Just because you grew up around weird m*therf*ckers that do weird sh*t and have…desires of the strangest kind, you can’t make that my reality and you never will be able to,” says T.I.


“I ain’t never been molested. I ain’t never been played with. I ain’t never been exposed to that kind of thing. It doesn’t even cross my mind. Period! So you guys just really telling on yourselves. Telling me the type of life you live. Telling me the kind of things that you’ve been exposed to. Telling me the kind of things that you’ve had to endure. And I feel bad for you.”

The rapper adds, “My grandma didn’t let me go to nobody’s house. My grandma didn’t let me go spend the night with nobody. I ain’t get a chance to…none of that. So all that weird sh*t. I ain’t f*ck with kids when I was a kid.”

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