Rapper T.I. Arrested In Amsterdam

Rapper T.I. has revealed that he has been arrested and detained in Amsterdam.

“So I’m locked up now,” T.I. says in the video. 

“I’m obviously not supposed to have my phone as I’m biking and because the policeman ran into me and broke his side mirror…and I didn’t have my passport on me. I don’t know. It’ll be fine. He was extremely upset. I, myself, was out having a great time. I’m still not upset. They arrested me and didn’t even put me in handcuffs. They just opened the door and invited me to the backseat. I obliged,” he continued.

“Let me see how I can make my bond real quick ’cause they don’t take cash. I got cash in my pocket, but they don’t seem to take this [laughs]. I ain’t no handcuffs put on me yet. They ain’t search me yet. We working on the buddy system out here and I like it.”


He later goes live again after being released from jail.

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