Rapper Swae Lee ROBBED; Thief BLACKMAILS Him On IG Live! (Video)

Rapper Swae Lee lost a bag on an airplane flight, and the man who stole the bag is BLACKMAILING the rapper to get his items back, MTO News has learned.

Earlier this week Rae Sremmurd rapper Swae Lee offered a reward for his stolen laptop.

Last night the thief showed up on Swae’s Instagram Live to taunt him about the robbery, and blackmail him for the return of his items.

To prove that the man was indeed the thief and that it wasn’t “cap,” the thief locked in with Swae and showed him his stolen items, which included jewelry and a hard drive. The thief also clowned the rapper for having ‘Magnum’ condoms in his missing bag.

The thief wants all of Swae Lee’s followers to follow him on IG. He also is asking for “more than $20K” in return for the drive. If Swae Lee refuses, the man plans on leaking Swae Lee’s unreleased songs.

A further development is that now, the unidentified individual has taken to Instagram Stories to make a list of demands in exchange for the drive, including $150,000 or a verse from Drake.

“Follow my Twitter too ima start leaking shit on god if he don’t pay for what it’s worth,” they wrote. “I need 150 n up for his music. I’m actually a huge fan. This is really a wild dream come true. Ill give the hard drive back if I could get a picture or a feature with [Drake] & [Swae Lee] together.”

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