Rapper SpotemGottem Released From Hospital – He’s Only 5 Feet TALL!! (Pics)

Rapper SpotemGottem was shot 5 times last week, but MTO News learned that yesterday he was released from the hospital. And details of Spotem’s height were released, which shocked the internet.

The Florida rapper SpotemGottem was hospitalized after he was the victim of a drive-by shooting a week ago

Per his legal counsel, “SpotemGottem was the victim of a drive-by shooting . . . leaving the studio.” 

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According to online reports, obtained by MTO News, law enforcement sources indicate the shooting took place around 3 a.m. local time. Another car pulled up alongside his and opened fired. SpottemGottem suffered gunshot wounds to both legs, while the driver was shot in the hip. The car he was riding in was reportedly shot at least 22 times on the driver’s side. 

The rapper has made a full recovery, and is now ready to get back to making music.

But a social media report was released, from a woman claiming to be a nurse at the Florida hospital where Spotem was staying. The nurse claims that the rapper was measures at just 5 feet zero inches tall.

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