Rapper Smokepurpp: Kanye West Owes Me $9M!!

Rapper Smokepurpp alleges Kanye West owes him $9 million.

“And Kanye, n*gga, you owe me like $9 million, n*gga. Hit my line, n*gga, or my lawyer’s gonna hit your lawyer,” he said in the clip.

The rapper penned Kanye and Lil Pump’s “I Love It.”

“The ‘I Love It’ sh*t. I wrote that sh*t,” he told Adam 22 back in 2019. “Basically it was on Pump’s birthday. Basically this nigga [Kanye West] just called Pump, blah, blah, blah. He wanted to make a song about this and I just wrote the song. And it randomly just came out. And he’s like, ‘Yo, the sh*t you wrote came out.'”

The rapper also had a planned collab with Kanye but it was scrapped after Ye went hard with his Christianity.

“He kind of just changed his ways or whatever,” he told HHDX. “Mike Dean mixed the whole album—he executive produced the whole album. So he pretty much just told me [Kanye’s] not really cursing and sh*t, he’s not really performing his old songs anymore, he does ‘Jesus Walks.’ If he does do his old songs, he changes the lyrics. Mike Dean told me at first. He was like, ‘Yo, it was going to be harder to get it cleared because he doesn’t curse no more.’ I was just, like, f*ck it, just put it away. He’ll change again.”

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