Rapper Sauce Walka Gets $250K Diamond Surgically Implanted In Face! (Graphic)

Texas rap star Sauce Walka is trending on social media this morning, after he showed off his new jewelry, a $250,000 face implant, MTO News has confirmed.

Yeah, you read that right. The rapper had a diamond surgically implanted into his face – so that it can not be removed.

And it’s not just any old diamond. Sauce Walka purchased a $250,000 GIA certified  3.00 carat diamond which is rated FLAWLESS/D-Color. Of course, the diamond is tear shaped.


“I just put all my tears, in all my years and all my pain and fears, in my muthafucking eye for the last time — and I’ll never cry again,” Sauce exclaimed shirtless and flexing. “I just dropped a quarter-million-dollars in my muthafucking face! It’s over! The game is done! Put the PlayStation five on the ground, kick that muthafucka, it is over, over. I won by flawless victory fatality,” he continues.

It’s truly an amazing stone:

Here’s video showing the rapper bragging about it:

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