Rapper Sada Baby Quit Drinking Lean 5 Months Ago

Rapper Sada Baby is the latest rapper to quit drinking lean.

“I ain’t been tellin y’all every month like I started and was doin about how long I’ve been klean wit no lean because right now it seems like a trend and I go wit my mood not trends. I been quit and I ain’t relapsed,” he wrote in a message to his fans.

“Ima turn this 5 months of workin on my attitude and myself as a person and artist into the rest of my life. Binko I got two more habits to kick and god willing it’ll happen and ima delete this post when I wake up im just ventin, never need attention,” he continued.

This summer, In June, NLE Choppa called on rappers to quit lean.

“I Have A New Challenge For Rappers. For Every Pint of Lean, Or Even Alcohol, Drink A Pint Of Chlorophyll,” he wrote at the time. I Wanna Start By Challenging @MoneyBaggYo I’ll Bring This To You Personally Fam Purple Heart Order Here,” he wrote.

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