Rapper Rod Wave Releases “Suicide’ Song . . . Fans Worried He Plans To TAKE HIS OWN LIFE!!

Rapper Rod Wave is going viral today, after he released a new song last night, where he talked about taking his own life.

And shortly after Rod released the track, he disabled all of his social media accounts. His fans immediately became worried that the rapper may seriously be planning to take his own life.

In the song, he said “Today’s Friday that means tomorrow’s Doomsday.” The song was released on Friday night.

He continued, rapping, “It’s sad to say that I lost the battle, against my mind.”

He added, ‘You should be happy for me, no more suffering We all have our day, I guess we’ll see each other then.


Here’s what his fans were saying:

Luckily Rod Wave came out early this morning, to say that he’s OK. According to Rod, the song was a “suicide prevention” song:

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