Rapper Rod Wave Claims That He Sold His Soul: ‘This Sh*t Not Really Me’


Something is going on with rapper Rod Wave, and we’re not quite sure what it is.

Rod Wave released his most popular song to date, “Cold December,” a few weeks ago. Many of the Florida-based artist’s fans however have been joking about the odd timing of the release (January instead of December) but it turns out that Rod may have been pushed to drop the popular song from his label as he’s trying to complete the terms of his deal.

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And he’s really going through it. The rapper recently took to Instagram Live to speak directly to his supporters, explaining why “Cold December” came out the month after December and hinting at his retirement, which he says is coming soon.

MTO News confirmed that Rod told fans that he released the song to honor the terms of his contract with Alamo Records and Sony, saying, “I was in a $15 million deal contract that I was trying to close on and they was like, ‘They need that song.’ That’s the only reason why I dropped that sh*t,” he said. “But I wasn’t never gon’ drop that sh*t if you want to be technical.”

The rapper went on to reveal that he’s thinking about retiring from music, saying, “I’m only here for a little longer and when I say that I mean as in Rod Wave. I’m only here for a lil’ minute, man. I done gave y’all straight dope, straight crack. Ain’t nobody’s f*cking with me with that pen. This sh*t not really me, man. I’m not no people person, I’m not no center of attention ass n***a, I hate attention, man. I can’t get on the internet without seeing my face or name. […] It’s kind of like you sold your soul, bro, ’cause you say that’s not you but for $300K it’ll be me.”

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