Rapper Records An ENTIRE MUSIC VIDEO While In Prison – Goes Viral On TIKTOK!!

A popular Marietta Georgia rapper is going viral across TikTok. The rapper – TrueStory Sancho – who is currently serving time in State Prison recorded a music video while locked up – and released it on TikTok.

What happened next is nothing short of amazing – and MTO News has confirmed that it’s gone VIRAL.

The record was recorded behind bars, mixed, being bars. And the video was shot behind bars. One inmate with a private Instagram account wrote, “We recorded that sh** in his cell. We used mattresses to deaden the sound, and turned the cell into a booth.”

Then, after they recorded the hit track TrueStory Sancho and his people recorded the video on a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Here’s the video:

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