Rapper Popp Hunna BRUTALLY Beats His Girlfriend . . . She Leaks GRAPHIC Pics Of Abuse!

Popp Hunna is one of the most popular young Philly rappers out right now. MTO News has learned that the rapper is currently going viral – and not for his music – after his girlfriend claimed that he beat her bloody.

Popp Hunna is a rapper and songwriter who is known for the mixtape “One Year Later,” which had features with Lil Uzi Vert.

His girlfriend took to Instagram last night, and revealed her bruises.

She wrote, “All imma say is your going to jail . Your going to jail . Your going to jail . I protected you for so long , soooo sooo long.”

“Don’t let my dad have had been outta jail , he would’ve did you,” the battered girlfriend wrote.

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She continued, “You beat my ass all because you was a cheater , all because you cheated on me.” Adding, “Anytime you ain’t get ya way you took it out on me . I was there for ya son and family .. ya mom don’t like me but all ya brothers did . I made sure everybody ate and made sure everybody was cool . This is ridiculous how having a good heart gets you .. it’s gets you nowhere . Nowhere in life.”

She ended her post saying, “I came back after you used and abused me .. and you still chose to do what you did . I’m over this dawg , it’s my turn now . You had ya fun @popphunna . It’s my turn now.”

Here are the pics of her bruises:

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