Rapper Plies Say He WILL Be Getting COVID-19 Vaccine

Reports suggest that a considerable percentage of Black and brown communities are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccines — but not rapper Plies. He says “yes please” to the vaccine.

“‘ Im Getting Vaccinated The First Chance I Get. How I Look @ It I Put Things In My Body Everyday I Don’t Know Where It Come From. If I Done Trusted The Weed Man (Who I Didn’t Know), Ate From The Food Truck Outside The Club, Drunk Hennessy & Red Bull & Survived. I Should Be Str8!,” he tweeted.

There have been reports that the vaccine leads to allergic reactions and some who have taken it have claimed they developed Bell’s Palsy — although the latter has not been confirmed by health professionals.


According to NYCHealthy, in clinical trials, the Pfizer vaccine was shown to be 95% effective and the Moderna vaccine 94% effective at protecting participants from the virus. This means that at least 9 out of every 10 people vaccinated were protected from the disease.

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