Rapper Playboi Carti Appears To COME OUT AS GAY In Article!! (Baby Mama Iggy Azalea REACTS)

Rapper Playboi Carti appears to have come out as a member of the LGBTQ tribe, in a new article from XXL magazine, MTO News has learned.

The interviewer asked Playboi about his bizarre ways, including wearing women’s clothes and makeup. And the rapper responded, “I wouldn’t give a fuck because it’s like, I love everybody. I don’t judge nobody. I have gay friends. I have trans friends, you know what I’m saying? I done dated…”

Then the rapper appears to have caught himself, and moved onto the next question. But given the way his answer was going, it appeared that Playboi was going to say something to the effect of “I dated a gay person.”

His babys mother Iggy Azalea is having a complete meltdown today on Twitter and Instagram, likely over these comments.

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This isn’t the first time that the Atlanta rapper, 24, appeared to come out the closet. Last year, during an interview with Highsnobriiety, Playboi shared his thoughts on his sexuality, admitting that he’s always going to go against the grain. 

“If the world’s going right. I’m gonna go left. If your cross is straight, then I’m gonna put my sh*t upside down. If you hate cigarettes, then I’m gonna smoke as many as I can,” he declared, before addressing rumors of his sexual orientation. 

“I’m anti-everything. I’m not going out my way to have people like, ‘Oh, what the f**k’s Carti on? Is he gay, or is he trolling?’ No, bro — I don’t give a f*ck. I’m being myself.”

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