Rapper Mysonne Threatens DJ Akademiks: Imma Smack You!!

After DJ Akademiks claimed that he would “never stop violating” Mysonne until he stopped him, Mysonne has responded.

 “Imma smack you for talkin’ crazy to me. You can’t talk crazy. You can’t call me bums and call me clowns and say that you could put money on my head and tell me to suck your d*ck and pull up. You can’t say that to me.And the minute you decide you can you have to deal with the consequences of saying that to me,” he said.

Mysonne added, “When they tell you sucker sh*t, you combat it with real sh*t, right? And that’s what frustrates me because they can’t beat real sh*t. Only thing they could say is ‘I got money.’ No, but you don’t have no character. You don’t have no integrity… Like this right here’s a shallow individual. This is a n*gga that has no integrity.”

He says Ak can’t come outside of the house and that he has no friends and is an alcoholic.

Is Mysonne looking for Ak in the streets?

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