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Rapper Mulatto Responds To 'Wig Thief' Allegations

Rapper Mulatto has responded to allegations that she stole weaves from multiple hair companies in the past.

 "Mulatto legit stole my hair 2 years ago, and I've just been watching her blow up, lol. Now she's blocked us—what a loser. [She] had the nerve to say that was 2 years ago, like money's changed in 2 years. Get the f*ck outa here silly bitch," a Twitter user named Deborah Lianiii, who is the owner of Capelli Amore Hair, tweeted.

Mulatto says her accusers are clout-chasing.

"2yrs later Im getting 10k a post &STILL woulda tagged/reimbursed u if u approached me different last hairstylist stole all my wigs when we parted ways &Im still resolving issues today bcus of it..waiting 2yrs for me to "blowup" sounds opportunistic its giving clout chaser," Latto wrote.

"What y'all fail to realize is I have no problem buying a whole different wig on my own and tagging that girl as if it was hers but u not gone talk to me crazy without knowing the facts first & still expect to get what u wanted.. 2YRS LATER," she added.