Rapper Money Mitch Commits Suicide In Deadly Shootout!!

Rapper Money Mitch reportedly shot himself dead after getting into a deadly shootout with cops.

Police confirmed that he killed himself after opening fire on police during a chase in Florida. His body was found inside the Lake Park apartment on July 23.

Police say they executed a traffic stop and the rapper hopped out of an Uber that he was riding in and started firing at Palm Beach County deputies. Police deny that any of their bullets hit the artist. He then disappeared into a building. Police say they found blood but not the rapper and just assumed he’d been injured.

They made it clear that he was not gunned down by police.

Frank DeMario, of PB Sheriff’s Office said: “We followed him to a building and on the second floor, we noticed some blood droppings on the first floor. We thought he was wounded. We didn’t have any involvement in the shooting.”

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