Rapper Maino: My Fantasy Is For A White Woman To Whip Me . . . While Calling Me “N***ER”


New York City rap legend Maino is going viral today, after he made some very disturbing statements during a recent interview on Angela Yee’s Lip Service radio show.

The rapper told the women about one of his deepest and darkest fantasies. According to Maino, he wants to find a woman that would “treat him like a slave.”

Maino explained, “I like to be like a runaway slave [with a White woman. . .. I like to play a disobedient slave with a White woman.”

The rapper further explained that he likes when the White woman denigrates him and “disciplines him” during the play.

Then he ended by saying his other fantasy. Maino prefaced the fantasy by saying, ‘I don’t know whether I should say this . . . cause it could get me cancelled.”

Then he told the ladies, “My other fantasy is for a White woman to whip me and call me n***r.”


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