Rapper Lil Tay Claims She Was Abused By Father & Stepmother!!

Rapper Lil Tay is reportedly making allegations of abuse at the hands of her father and her stepmother.

Her brother Jason Tian, posted multiple messages to her Instagram account, including pictures, which appear to show Lil Tay’s bruised face.

“Yes this has been brought to the police, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (Canadian version of CPS) got involved but none of them ended up doing anything legally to Chris Hope or his wife Hanee except take her away from them, the only thing to happen after they beat my sister is she did stop seeing and staying with them,” he wrote.

“Tay is a victim of child abuse, here I have provided evidence with police report file #14-35347 made on August 04/2014,” he added.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the rapper’s legal fees. She has so far, raised over $11,000.


“All donations help Tay, she is fighting in the Supreme Court now. The money is needed to help her in court, you guys want her back but she cannot come back unless she wins in court, Chris Hope has taken everything and will make sure Tay never comes out to speak about the truth.”

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