Rapper Lil Loaded Arrested For Murder – Turned Himself In!! (Details)


Dallas rapper, Lil Loaded, has been arrested and charged for murdering his friend, 18 year Khalil Walker.

MTO News has confirmed that the rapper turned himself into the police on Monday evening. 

“He was booked in by the Dallas County sheriff’s office, by one of our deputies,” Public Information Officer Raul Reyna told the entertainment outlet.

The victim’s name is Khalil Walker, but police initially thought it was “Khalia” and gave the following report:

Detective John Valdez writes that Lil Loaded, Khalia Walker, and a witness named Cameron Walker were outside Khalia’s house in the affidavit. Two shots went off, which led to Walker’s sister Khija running outside. She then saw her brother “lying on the street with a gunshot wound to his torso,” with Lil Loaded and Cameron Walker standing over him. One of the men then yelled at her to call 9-1-1.

As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, Khija reportedly picked up the rapper’s phone and saw video footage of him shooting her brother.


Shawn Cotton of the media outlet Say Cheese TV told Complex: “It was an accident. It wasn’t like they got into an argument. Shots went off, [Walker] got shot, and he died, unfortunately.”

The spelling of the victim’s name has since been corrected and Lil Loaded is behind bars at the Suzanne Lee Kays Detention Facility. His bail was originally set at $500,000, but has been reduced to $75,000.

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