Rapper Lil Durk’s Home RAIDED BY FEDS; Facing Possible RICO Charges! (20+ Yrs)

Popular Chicago rapper Lil Durk is facing a TON of jail time, if the new rumors that MTO News are hearing – turn out to be true. And according to multiple reports, Lil Durk’s home was recently raided by federal agents.

There’s an unconfirmed rumor circulating on social media that the feds are working on indicting Durk on RICO charges, and this recent raid may have been enough to seal the deal. MTO News has learned that the feds are believed to have a “snitch” in custody whom they believe can implicate Durk in gang activities and link him to the RICO.

Last night, DJ Akademiks held a session on his Twitch live, and broke the news that Lil Durk’s home in Atlanta was raided by the FEDS. Ak confirmed that he received a phone call from people within the gated community who told him that FBI arrived at the house on Sunday, and “raided” the home.

Ak was careful in his reporting, MTO News learned. He told the audience that it was not clear whether the feds were investigating Durk, or someone else at his house.

Given all the personal issues Durk has been going through – with his brother recently being murdered, we’re hopeful this situation turns out well for Durk. 


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