Rapper Lil Durk’s 10 Yr Old Son Raps About KILLING MAN ON STAGE!!


Chicago rapper Lil Durk is one of the biggest artists to ever come out of Chicago. Last night, at Durk’s concert he brought his 10 year old son Angelo out on stage to rap his father’s lyrics.

And while the crowd loved it, MTO News has learned that many on social media are disturbed that a 10 year old boy would rap those type of violent lyrics. And the boy reportedly threw up “the rakes” a popular gang sign done by members of the Black Disciples gang. 

MTO News confirmed that Durk belongs to a set of the Black Disciple Street Gang known as OTF300 (usually just referred to as 300).

Angelo was rapping Durk’s lyrics to the popular hit song “Back In Blood” and the 4th grader can be heard rapping:

You can’t come back to your hood, huh? (No)

He was dissin’ on my cousin, now his ass all in that ‘Wood, huh? (Boom, boom, boom)

Book his ass, I wish he would come (pussy)

The grammar school kid clearly has talent. But many fans are worried about the direction in which he may be heading.

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