Rapper Isaiah Rashad DEAD Broke; Move Back To Mama’s House DUE TO ADDICTION!

At one point rapper Isaiah Rashad was one of the hottest young rappers in the world. He was signed to Kendrick Lamar’s label, had a Billboard charting hit song – Cilvia Demo, and he was named to the 2014 XXL freshman class.

Well MTO News learned that the fame led the Chattanooga Tennessee rapper into a world of addiction – including alcohol and other substances. Now the rapper is dead broke and back living in his mother’s house.


Isaiah in a recent interview with Fadar, when he explained just how low he was at rock bottom:

Consider the 30 days detoxing and surrendering to a higher power in an Orange County rehab facility; the time he was so drunk boarding a flight that the cops nearly arrested him (he still isn’t sure why they didn’t); the time he wrecked his Jeep; the other time he wrecked Top Dawg’s Honda but fixed it so that his label boss never found out. That time Isaiah — or Zay, as everyone calls him — returned home and swore he’d given up rapping for money, and the abyss he faced when he finally came back to L.A., dead broke, sleeping on a friend’s couch, having somehow spent all of his money on supporting friends and family, buying clothes, and eating “really expensive sandwiches.”

“I was doing whatever I could to escape,” Rashad tells me as we battle rush-hour traffic on the 101 Freeway, heading from his home in Long Beach to the Valley. “I admittedly liked the feeling of being numb. Everything that ain’t good for me. Being out in L.A. without anything anchoring me down fucked me up. You can float off out here. You can get lost in this bitch.”

But Isaiah has gone to rehab, and is slowly working himself back. He has some new music out, that he hopes can get him back on track.

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