Rapper Has Gold Chains Surgically Implanted In His HEAD … New Trend?? (Pics)

A popular rapper and reggaeton artist named ‘Dan Sur,’ has gone viral on social media for his new “hair” after uploading photos and videos to his TikTok account, MTO News has learned. 

The rapper now has “hair” made up of gold chains. According to him, he had the gold chains surgical implanted into his head – as a replacement for his hair, MTO News confirmed.

According to Dan Sur, he had gold hooks implanted into his head. Then he purchased dozens of gold chains, MTO News has learned, and hung them from the hooks, so that it appears that he has gold hair.

He now looks like he has hair ‘straight out of a jewelry store’. His mane, composed of a series of golden strands, resembles the ‘goldilocks’ from the popular children’s story.

Here’s what he looks like, in motion:

And here’s what he used to look like, before the surgical implants:

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