Rapper Freeway’s Son Passes Away

Philly rapper Freeway has revealed that his son has passed away.

The rapper shared a picture of him standing next to his son, Jihad, who is wearing a cap and gown.

“God knows I try my best to be strong, but this right here is a pain like I never felt. Please cherish your time and your love ones because we’re not promise the next breath,” he captioned the post. “I Pray Allah forgives my son for all Of his sins and I pray that Allah grants him the highest level of paradise. Ameen Please make dua for him & my family.”

Freeway did not reveal how his son passed away, but rumors online suggest that he may have been shot — although this has not yet been confirmed.

Fans and celebrities flood Freeway’s comments with their condolences and prayers.

MTO News sends out thoughts and prayers to Freeway and his family at this difficult time.

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