Rapper Fredo Bang Called A ‘Snitch’; Former Friend LEAKS Alleged Paperwork

Rapper Fredo Bang is being called a “snitch: by his former friend – a rapper named Scrapp. MTO News learned that Scrappy made a video from prison, and posted it on Instagram. In the video he accuses his former friend Fredo of “snitching” on him to the police.

And Scrappy claims to have evidence – in the form of paperwork allegedly showing how Fredo cooperated with the police.

The paperwork evidence allegedly shows that Fredo called the police, from his phone number, to provide information to authorities. The paperwork even had Fredo Bang’s Instagram handle on it. 

Scrappy claims that because of the information Fredo provided, he was indicted on charges carrying a prison term of 40 years.

Fredo Bang allegedly sent a picture of Scrappy to the police. Take a look at the video evidence.

But the only evidence that Fredo is a “snitch”, is that printout from the video – nothing more.  Early this morning, Fredo Bang responded to the allegations against him, and the rapper claims it is all a lie. 

In a message on IG responding to the accusations of snitching on Scrappy, Fredo Bang said “So now we just lie. You going out sad“.

Did Fredo Bang snitch on Scrappy? Is the alleged “evidence” shown in the video real or fake?

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