Rapper Fabolous & Emily May Have Allegedly SPLIT AGAIN!! (Details)

Fabolous and his wife Emily Bustamante may be separated, according to a person close to the couple, MTO News has learned. Fab and Emily have had a long and tumultuous relationship, which survived cheating, domestic violence allegations, video of domestic violence and more.

Y’all! That’s a lot…..

But it seemed like the couple had put the past behind them, and were preparing to live out their life together – successfully.

But according to one of Em’s friends – it may be over.

MTO News spoke exclusively to one of the gorgeous Latina’s besties, who explained, “Emily and Fab aren’t together.”

The insider continued, “I can’t say what happened. It wasn’t anything big or scandalous. They just decided to split up.”

We’re not sure exactly how serious Emily and Fab are on the split. And given their past – breakup followed by makeup – the two may end up getting back together.

But we do have evidence that the split may be real. Turns out that they stopped following each other on social media.


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The 43-year-old rapper and Emily Bustamante, welcomed their third child together and first daughter last year, Bustamante shared  on her Instagram Story.

First posting a video of her hospital bracelet alongside the date “10/10,” the new mother of four then went on to share footage of her 22-year-old daughter Taina tending to her new baby sister.

“She’s nice and warm in here, too, she’s about to be so mad! But it has to get done,” Taina says, presumably as she’s getting ready to change the newborn’s diaper.

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