Rapper DIES Burglarizing Home; Snaps Neck, Found ‘Hanging’ From Window! (Pics)

A budding rapper and father of five was found hanging from his neck, outside a Florida home that police say he was trying to burglarize, MTO News has learned. According to police the window of the home he was trying to burglarize collapsed onto his neck, leaving his body dangling outside of the house.

Jonathan Hernandez, 32, was trying to burglarize a home in the southwestern Florida town of Lehigh Acres on Saturday when the fatal accident occurred, the Lee County Sheriff’s department said.

According to police, Jonathan climbed up the wall of the home, opened a window and attempted to climb through it – when the window slammed down onto his neck.


The force of the falling window is believed to have snapped the rapper’s neck, with his body hanging him from the side of the house.

By the time deputies arrived on the scene, Jonathan was dead. His right arm was hanging at his side with his body limp as his head was stuck in the window at a height of some 5.5ft off the ground.

Jonathan was known to his friends and fans as ‘Taz UFO’ or ‘UFO’ and several rap videos in which he sings could be found on YouTube.

His family has set up a GoFundme to pay for his funeral expenses – HERE IT IS if you’d like to support.

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