Rapper DDG Deletes All Of His Videos From Youtube!!

Rapper DDG announced that he is retiring from Youtube — and deleted all of his videos.

“How tf i go platinum, beat a n*gga ass in front of millions of people, Quit youtube & get on XXL freshman list in the same week,” he wrote in a tweet.

“I feel like I gave so much to this YouTube,” he says in the video. “I have been doing this for six years. It was all my life. I want some type of mystery to my life. You know what I meant. You got to know me for six years We got to know each other. You know my family at this point. You know where I am from, what college I went to. Everything is documented. That’s the good part of you knowing me,” he explained. “But for the new people who discover me, I only want them to know my music. I want to be more closed off. I want to be more mysterious. I want to focus strictly on being an artist.”

Should he have left his videos up for the fans?

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