Rapper Da Baby Takes Danileigh’s Clothes & Re-Gifts Them To Other Baby Mama!!

Rapper DaBaby is a cold blooded player, MTO News has learned. The rapper has reportedly taken back expensive clothing he bought for his estranged baby’s mother Danileigh.

And the rapper then re-gifted these clothes to his other baby’s mama Mimi. Wow.

MTO News learned – over the course of their relationship – DaBaby bought Danileigh tons of expensive clothes. And when Dababy kicked Danileigh out of this Charlotte condo, the beautiful “lite skinned” singer left many of her clothes behind. After all, it’s not easy packing up when the police are urging you to leave and talking about placing you under arrest.

Well DaBaby is putting Danileigh’s expensive clothing items to good use.

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According to an online report, DaBaby re-gifted Danileigh’s clothes to his other babys mama Mimi. And Mimi went on social media showing off her new clothing.

Here are receipts showing Dani’s shoes in DaBaby’s closet. And two days later, those same shoes are on Mimi’s feet.

Hey, maybe DaBaby is an environmentalist. And he believes in recycling . . . 

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