Rapper CURSES Out 80 Yr Old Woman In CHURCH!! (Disturbing Video)


Popular rapper Charleston White was caught on video this weekend, cursing out an 80 year old woman inside church, MTO News has learned.

Charleston White – who is an extremely popular, and controversial Youtube personality – most recently went viral, when he told his followers that he was “happy” that rapper DMX died.

Now he’s making news again, for cussing out an 80 year old woman INSIDE CHURCH. In the below clip, Charleston can be heard telling the woman to “stop f**king with him”

He then went on a nearly minute long tirade, where he called the octogenarian every name in the book, including a “nappy headed hoe” and a “dirty f**king b*tch.”


The then pastor tried to step in and stop Charleston from cursing, but it didn’t help. He had no manners and told the pastor, “F*ck you . . . I’ve f**ked in churches before, so I don’t care.”

So what did this woman do – to receive such a vicious tongue lashing.

According to multiple people inside the church, MTO News learned that the woman merely chose to sit next to the rapper.


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