Rapper 42 Dugg Apologizes For Offensive Homophobic Rant

Rapper 42 Dugg apologized for his homophobic rant last week.

The rapper went off after people had a lot to say about the way he interacted with his son.

“It never be my intentions to offend anybody even when I’m offended so for that I am sorry,” said the rapper.

 “Usually I’m a very private person when it come to personal sh*t such as my son or my family in general. People always tell me I need to take more pictures or you know let my fans see something about me other than music. Yesterday I called myself doing that. My son birthday was the weekend so I decided I would let y’all see how much fun we had. You know the picture/videos I posted of my son wasn’t put out for feedback. That was us being us. So for y’all to take that and make it what y’all did just reminded me of why I keep my family private.”

The rapper says he will no longer be posting his son on social media again.

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