Rapper 40 Cal’s 19 Yr Old Daughter Commits Suicide; Disturbing Details!!

On April 29th, former Dipset rapper 40 Cal (government name Calvin Byrd) took to Twitter to ask for help finding his missing daughter, Saniyya Dennis. Saniyya, a 19-year-old student at Buffalo State University, was last seen leaving her dorm on April 24th. 

Now police are saying that Saniyya took her own life.

40 Cal has been in the Buffalo area for the last week, doing whatever he could to find her. He even offered a reward for anyone with any information that could lead to her safe return.

You may have seen this post – which has been circulating all over social media:

Well now police say the missing person case for Saniyya is closed. Authorities claim that the teen committed suicide.


During a news conference on Thursday (May 6th), Erie County District Attorney John Flynn told reporters that after reviewing phone records and surveillance videos, he ‘s confident that Saniyya died by suicide. “It appears that this poor girl took her own life,” Flynn said.

So what happened? Police say that Saniyya got into an argument with her boyfriend in New York City on April 24th. After attempting to contact him 59 times without answer, she reportedly called another male friend in New York City and talked about killing herself. 

After leaving her dorm room, Saniyya reportedly went to an on-campus garbage can, where she threw away “personal items that would lead someone to believe that she was not returning to the dorm.”

MTO News has confirm that police say that the 19 year old took a bus to Niagara Falls – and jumped into the giant waterfall. They claim to have video which shows the teen in the last moments of her life.

40 Cal has not spoken out yet, about the police findings. Our prayers go out to all of Saniyya’s family and friends.

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