Raphael Warnock Running For Senator In GA; Allegedly Attacks Wife! (Video)

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Raphael Warnock is running to be the first Black senator from the State of Georgia, in a special runoff this January. But MTO News has learned that his ex-wife accused him of assaulting her in May - and we have the video footage.


The ex-wife of Georgia senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock accused him of running over her foot in his car during a domestic dispute in March, and told police he is 'a great actor' obsessed with his reputation.

Police bodycam footage of the incident, surfaced on FOX News on Tuesday. the video shows a tearful Ouleye Ndoye, 35, telling cops that her then-husband had injured her foot while trying to drive away with their children.

Ouleye, who works to combat human trafficking in the office of the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, called police over the incident. Police investigated the incident, found no injuries, and dismissed Ouleye's claim.

Watch the video and decide for yourself: