Raphael Saadiq Says He Did Not Know About Marilyn Manson’s Rape Allegations!!

Raphael Saadiq posted a picture of himself with Marilyn Manson… but he says he was not aware of the rock artist’s numerous allegations — including rape.

“I’m taking this post down today, I wasn’t aware of his allegations, so please forgive this post. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone who’s been abused, but I want to say this, most of the people whom I’ve never seen on this page, I’m a very positive brother who only post love and positive music,” he wrote.

“But you MF don’t ring my bell for positive post. I guess that’s why negative sh*t is so popular, y’all sit around and wait for sh*t like this. My post and views are very low numbers and I like it like that, but as soon as it’s something y’all don’t like, millions of new people hit the page. Y’all should try [to] ring my bell for all the positive things, click on a good song, or a beautiful positive waterfall, or mountains, but y’all go straight crickets for Gods creative nature, who’s really the DEVIL!!! It might be you #Donda forgive all typos,” he continued.

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