Rap Group Little Brother Asks Fans To Not Buy Vinyl Copies Of ‘Minstrel Show’

Little Brother rappers Big Pooh and Phonte are asking fans not to buy the newly reissued vinyl copies of their album, The Minstrel Show .

“I see ABB Records has decided to put up a repress of The Minstrel Show on vinyl instead of answering for 16 years of non payment on TMS or answering for 18 years of non payment for The Listening,” rapper Pooh wrote. “Humbly asking that you not support bad business practices. Thank you for listening.”

Phonte also asked fans not to support the new vinyl edition.

“I have no smoke with @fatbeats, but @abbrecords can get the entire f*ck outta here. Either way, my brother @rapperbigpooh and I are asking that you don’t support any LB vinyl represses and stop running The Listening on all streaming platforms until Ben Nickleberry Jr. aka Beni B. of @abbrecords honors his f*cking word and pays us what we’re owed. Thank you for listening. #LBbizness,” he wrote.

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