Ralo Finally Receives Court Date After 4 Years In Jail

After nearly four years in jail, rapper Ralo has finally received a court date.

“After 4 years of being dragged through all these different jails and COVID BS , I finally got a date set March 15 . If I ever did anything to hurt you, I ask that you forgive me,” he captioned an Instagram post.

“I don’t wanna walk in that courtroom with no bad vibes, I need prayers for me and not AGAINST me. It’s some people that love and need me free. Go to FAMERICANEWS.COM to help. On another note the feds finally allowed my music to be sold in they prison system, so tell anybody you know in the feds to go download all my music off the Corrilinks system. Assalamualaikum and #HappyNewYear #FreeRalo”

Ralo was arrested on federal drug charges at DeKalb April 15, 2018. A private plane registered in his name arrived at an Atlanta airport with over 400 pounds of weed with a street value of $2 million.

“[Prosecutors] presented evidence that [Ralo] had continued participating in the distribution of drugs following his arrest in this case and while in custody,” the judge wrote.


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