Rah Ali Slams Ari Fletcher Over Cease & Desist: Not The Big Bad Wolf Runnin’ To The Law?!

Rah Ali’s OnSite! has received a cease and desist from the attorneys of Ari Fletcher — months after their public spat.

Last September, Ari said to Rah — “Rah I will beat the baby out yo ass b*tch find you somebody 40 and up to pay with hoe,” while Rah was pregnant.

Rah then clapped back by alleging that Ari was cheating on Moneybagg Yo via her blog, OnSite. The feud is back in the forefront after Rah shared that OnSite had been sent a cease and desist:

“Not THE BIG BAD WOLF running to the law,” Rah tweeted. “Not the bitch that tells MF’s she’s gone beat they baby outta them calling for help. NOT Ms. ‘You Better Hug Your Baby Tight Tonight’ calling the man for help. THIS HOW I KNOW YOU SAT DOWN WITH THEM PROSECUTORS AGAINST HERBO.”

Rah shared the legal documents sent by Ari’s team. Should Ari be looking to the courts over this? Or was she right to send the legal letter?

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