Twitch Racist Stabbed During Livestream; Trolled Black People w/ ‘N Word’

A Twitch streamer was stabbed yesterday, by two Black men – after the Twitch streamer taunted and trolled the men, and called them the N Word, MTO News has learned.

The Twitch streamer – who is popular among the Alt-right circles – was in Las Vegas, where he was creating videos. The controversial social media star was walking up to Black people and “trolling” them.

At the start of the video, the apparently racist Twitch star began discussing why “Black people can’t fight.” Moments later, he saw two Black men walking down the Vegas strip and began accosting them. 

The men didn’t back down from the Twitch streamer’s aggressive trolling. The Black men then pushed the Twitch streamer, and grabbed his camera equipment.

The Twitch streamer didn’t stop trolling though – and began calling them “n***as.” Then he punched one of the men in the face and told him, “Now be on your way n*gga.”

That’s when he f*cked up.

The men beat the Twitch streamer, and during the course of the fight, the Twitch streamer claims he got stabbed. The entire incident was captured on camera:


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