Racist Handicapped Man DROP KICKED In NYC Subway!

A racist handicapped man was drop kicked inside a Manhattan subway station yesterday, MTO News has learned – and the incident was captured on video.

It all started when a handicapped man – with no arms – got into an argument with a Black woman. The handicapped man can be heard threatening the woman, telling her that he planned to “hunt her down”, then the apparently racist armless man called her the “n word.”

That was the last straw for one of the Black woman’s male companions. He hauled off and drop kicked the no-arm man and sent him flying into the subway turnstile.


While crime is always a possibility on the New York City subway, a recent rash of particularly vicious racist attacks on riders and transit workers has fueled fears that the sprawling underground system — a mainstay of urban life — is more dangerous than it has been in years and threatens to undermine the city’s recovery.

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