Rachael Kirkconnell Reacts To Being Dumped!!


Racheal Kirkconnell, winner of Matt James’ season of The Bachelor has reacted to the world knowing that she was dumped after her past racist behavior was exposed.

“just when you think you found your way, life throws you onto a new path. it’s unpredictable, unexplainable, and things might not go the way you hoped for. while i certainly wish things turned out differently, i also believe there is a reason for everything. we may not be able to control situations thrown our way, but we can control how we deal with it, and i believe good can come out every circumstance,” she wrote on Instagram.

She featured images of herself with the other contestants, mostly the non-white ones.

She continued, “this was supposed to be a monumental season, and one of the biggest disappointments has been the overshadowing of these beautiful women and their stories. they are some of the strongest, most brilliant, most extraordinary women and i was lucky enough to have met them. you all deserve more, but i promise to always stand by and support each of you in any way i can.”

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