R. Kelly Witness Says Singer Forced Her To Smear Feces On Her Face!!

An R Kelly witness testified in court this week that the singer would forced her to smear feces on her face as punishment for not following his rules.

She says the singer would make her call him “Daddy” and had ask for permission to use the restroom if she was in his studio.

If she broke one of his rules, known as “Rob’s Rules,” he would hit her with a sneaker or force her to stay in a room for days at a time. 


The unidentified witness also says she was forced to record videos of herself smearing feces on her face and in her mouth and that if she had not smeared enough on herself he would ask her to redo it.

Kelly is facing several charges, including sexual exploitation of children, racketeering based on kidnapping and forced labor. His Chicago trial has already been set for next month and he may also face trial in Minnesota.

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