R. Kelly Prosecutors Rest Case In Trial


Prosecutors at the R. Kelly sex trafficking trial ended their case Monday after a month of prosecution witnesses testifying about Kelly’s allegedly running a criminal enterprise. 

Accusers say Kelly sexually and physically abused them and even kept them in rooms. 

R. Kelly’s former manager says once he and other members of staff were fined because somebody ate his donuts.


In court, former employee Tom Arnold said that Kelly’s rules were so impossible, he eventually quit. He also recalled the time he visited Disney World, but Kelly docked his pay by $1500 because he hired a male Disney tour guide instead of a female.

Kelly told Arnold that he “always had to be a female tour guide.” “I took the first person I could get,” Arnold said of the 2011 Disney World outing. “It was a gentleman … Nobody was available.”

Another former member of Kelly’s team said that she walked in on Kelly having relations with Aaliyah when she was just 13 or 14.

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