R. Kelly Ordered To Pay $1.5 Million In Back Rent

A judge has ordered R. Kelly to pay $1.5 million in back rent to a former landlord.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the disgraced star owes his former landlord, Midwest Commercial Funding, $1.5 million in back rent. 

Kelly’s record label Sony is to pay the landlord with Kelly’s royalties. Kelly’s is signed to RCA Records, which is owned and operated by Sony.

 “Sony is directed and ordered to turn over any sums accruing to Kelly’s royalty account in the future, up to the total sum of MCF’s judgment,” Cook County Judge Patrick Heneghan ordered.


Since his legal troubles began, Kelly has maintained that he is broke.

“If you can’t go out on tour, if they’re not streaming your music anymore, obviously, you’re going to have financial problems,” his attorney Steve Greenberg said last March. 

“When money comes, in he’s going to take care of his kids, and we’ve had enough of the bashing of Robert Kelly as being a bad dad,” attorney Lisa Damico said the same day.

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