R. Kelly Made Girlfriends Fight Each Other After They ‘Twerked For Cake’!!


New details from R. Kelly’s trial have emerged and the singer reportedly made his girlfriends fight each other after they twerked for cake.

“He didn’t like that they were twerking for cake,” his former assistant Suzette Mayweather told jurors during his trial in Brooklyn federal court.

She said that because they behaved badly at his party in 2016, he “had them get on each other”—or fight. Kelly later told Mayweather that’s why the party only included females.

She also talked about some of his rules.


“They did not move unless they had his permission,” she said in court. “If there was a male present… I interacted with the male,” she continued — meaning that Kelly’s girlfriends were not allowed to speak with other men. “When [Kelly’s girlfriends] walked in the elevator, when the door closed, they faced the wall,” she added.

She says she also got into an argument with Kelly because she talked to one of his girlfriends about his relationships.

“This particular incident was the first time… that I had ever seen Rob really that upset,” she said. “It was not the tone, it was the look in his eyes.”

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