R. Kelly Doesn’t Want Evidence Of Relations w/ Boy Brought Up In Case Jury Is Homophobic

Disgraced singer R. Kelly reportedly does not want the recent evidence that he allegedly molested a 17 year-old-boy brought up during his trial in case the jurors are homophobic.

The memo filed by attorneys Thomas Farinella and Nicole Becker said they oppose the motion because it’s “unequivocally inadmissible under the Federal Rules of Evidence.”

“The government’s request is untimely, not relevant and if permitted will cause severe prejudice to Mr. Kelly of which such prejudice outweighs the probative value,” it states.


According to TMZ, Kelly’s attorneys also wrote that the allegations and evidence could potentially turn some jurors against their client because of the alleged same-sex relationships. They say they don’t have a way to filter out potential homophobes at the point.

Kelly’s New York trial begins next month. Prosecutors say the singer ran an “enterprise” made up of his managers, bodyguards, drivers, and other staffers who helped him recruit women and girls for illegal sex. 

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