R&B Singer Jazmine Sullivan Got SECRETLY MARRIED – Meet Her New Husband! (Pics)

R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan is married, MTO News has learned. And she accidentally revealed that personal fact yesterday on Instagram.

It all started when the velvet voiced singer shared a picture of herself commenting on her hair in her Instagram Stories. She shared something her “stepson” said leading many to ask, “Since when did she get married to even have a stepson?”

That immediately had her fans saying – Wha? Who? Stepson? Where dey do dat at??

Out of the blue Jazmine Sullivan starting talking about her stepson like we all knew she’s married. So um . . . congratulations.

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Now onto the speculation – who is this secret husband of hers? MTO News has confirmed that Jazmine Sullivan has been with musician Dave Watson for more than 5 years. Here are pics of them together:

On June 29, 2021, shortly after Jazmine won the BET award for Album of the Year, Dave wrote a lengthy tribute post to his flame of four years. He began, “Many things to say, in so many ways! First off CONGRATULATIONS. I’ve seen you get crafty on ’em at a crazy time in ya life! You def kept ya poise, stayed focused all while being in your most vulnerable state in ya life. You ran that Jawn on ’em! AND THANK YOU for letting me be a part of your world.”

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