R&B Singer Ari Lennox Gets S*xu*lly Harassed During Interview . . . WATCH!!

R&B superstar Ari Lennox is currently recovering at home, after being traumatized by an interview with a South African journalist – which MTO News has learned, turned ugly.

The interview, which was given by Mac G, a popular South African podcaster, started off alright. But after a few warm up questions, Mac G got out of line with the R&B songtress.

The podcaster asked Ari, “Is someone f*cking you good right now?” Ari was immediately startled by the disrespectful question – but tried to keep her composure and gave the interviewer another opportunity to be professional, MTO News observed.

Then, after a few minutes, he got even more outrageous. He told Ari that he was going to teach her how to say “I Love you” in Mac G’s native language of Tshivenda. But in reality, he made her say “Mac G I want to f**k you in the African language.”

Tshivenda is a Bantu language and an official language of South Africa. It is mainly spoken by the Venda people in the northern part of South Africa’s Limpopo province, as well as by some Lemba people in Zimbabwe. The Venda language is related to Kalanga, which is spoken in Zimbabwe and Botswana.


Not surprising, the singer was distressed by the experience and told fans that she’s not doing any more interviews – EVER.


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