Quavo Drops Saweetie DISS TRACK . . . Suggests She’s Now A ‘THOT’!!

Just when you thought that the drama between rapper Quavo and his girlfriend Saweetie couldn’t get messier – it just did. MTO News has learned that Quavo just dropped a new track, where he appears to be dissing his ex, Saweetie.

In the track, the Migos rapper uses a play on words, and appeared to suggest that Saweetie is a thot.

In the bar, Quavo appears to address why the two split. Quavo can be heard saying that she “was a sweet little b*tch, now she’s turned out.”

Quavo’s two Migos band members – Offset and Takeoff can be seen dancing to the new track. Quavo, who uttered the allegedly disrespectful bar, was not in the video.


Saweetie is considered by most in hip hop to be the most beautiful female rapper ever. She is also unapologetic about her dating preferences and says that a man who makes less than 7 figures “can do nothing for her.” 

During the course of her relationship with Quavo lavished Saweetie with hundreds of thousands in gifts. He gifted hundreds of thousands in designer purses and jewelry and a brand new Bentley which he reportedly repossessed after their breakup.

But the Icy Girl says she deserves more than what she got from Quavo. She accused him of cheating and insists she can do better. After the release of her debut single “Icy Grl”, she was signed to Warner Records and her manager Max Gousse’s record label Artistry Worldwide. She released her debut extended play, High Maintenance on March 16, 2018. Her second EP, Icy was released in March 2019, and spawned the top 40 single “My Type”. Her debut album, Pretty Bitch Music is expected to be released in 2021 and was preceded by the top 40 singles “Tap In” and “Best Friend” featuring Doja Cat.

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